[Solved] Weird problem with custom post types  


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11/04/2019 1:41 pm  

Dear developers, i would be extremely grateful if you would be able to help me on this!

I have a problem with wpDiscuz plugin - i cant enable it for my custom post types.

These custom post types are created with JetEngine, and pages are built with Elementor Pro.

The main problem is - these custom post types are not showing in wpDiscuz Forms settings. And of course comments on these post types are enabled, but when i place a comment widget it shows me just regular wp comments, and not wpDiscuz....


Thank you in advance, Mark T

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11/04/2019 1:52 pm  

Hi @mark_tt,

Please check out the Fixing Tip 5 in this documentation:


Let us know if it doesn't help. 

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11/04/2019 2:20 pm  

Dear @astghik, it works, thank you very much!

I've added a code snippet to the functions.php file

I'll reach out to the JetEngine developers and warn them about this issue.

Thank you very much again!

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