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[Solved] User avatars in comments  


Mariia Smolina
Member Customer
Joined: 3 months ago
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22/05/2020 5:53 am  

Hello! I am using "WP User Avatar" on my site. To display the avatar in the comments, they recommend using the function:

For comments, you might have in your template:

<? php echo get_avatar ($comment, 32); ?>
Replace this function with:

<? php echo get_wp_user_avatar ($comment, 32); ?>
For comments, you must specify the $comment variable.

How do I change the class.WpdiscuzWalker.php code to replace the avatar output function? Tnx!

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Support Team Admin
Joined: 3 years ago
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23/05/2020 12:04 pm  


Just find the get_avatar function in the class.WpdiscuzWalker.php file and replace it with the code provided by the plugin support. 

Customization doc can be found here:

Mariia Smolina
Member Customer
Joined: 3 months ago
Posts: 8
23/05/2020 8:09 pm  

Yes it worked! Thank!