How can I get wpdiscuz tab for specific post id?  


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01/10/2018 5:29 pm  

I want to display the reviews tab from each product at the /view-order/{ORDER_ID} page in WooCommerce. I've included there a custom PHP which already gets the $post and $post_id related to the order. The PHP file is already included at the right place between order details and billing address. But now I have problems with including the content from the product reviews tab there. Do you have any idea how I can do this the smart way?

I need this for my customers and it's very important to add this there. Please help me! By the way there can be only one product bought every order so I have a just one post id in the order.


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05/10/2018 3:54 pm  

Hi Johnny99,

Sorry for the late reply.

I'm sorry but there is no way to do it yet. We've already added it in our to-do list.