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Multiple bugs and problems with Forum Censure  


Sasa Salamon
Member Customer
Joined: 1 month ago
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17/08/2020 3:27 pm  

We are working on the wpForo forum and choose Forums Censure as a plugin to help us moderate the forum. The problems we have are:

1.) Building Croatia based site so there are some special characters č,ć,š,... so people on the internet sometimes use c,s instead of them. When we import words we can not have words that contain č,ć,š,... and words that contain c,s (example: proći=p***i can be entered but we can not use proci=p****i so the second option will be uncensored).

2.) The next thing we noticed is search results showing full uncensored words but we also see that multiple people have problems with that

3.) Showing full uncensored words in titles or sidebars also allowing users to create topics with banned words should not be possible

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