ACP - no images with Ajax loading  



Please take a look at:

In the first tab, all images inside the post bod show properly. If you click on the second tab (Itinerary), then the images inside the post do not show.

I can see the captions (The guards in Athens + Athens, Greece) but not the two images.

I can only see the images again, if I select "Reload Page" instead of "Ajax loading" from the ACP menu inside each post. For example, images show correctly in the post below, because "Reload Page" is selected for this post:

Is there a solution for this problem?

Unfortunately, this issue affects the whole site and there is no quick way of switching from "Ajax loading" to "Reload Page" for all posts in the site.  That would give a temporary solution, but it seems that I need to edit each post and change the selection from the ACP menu.



I found out that the plugin SpeedBooster, which came with the site’s theme (Newsmag by tagdiv), was not compatible with the ACP plugin and I could not change the setting from Ajax to Reload Page for the entire site.

I disabled the plugin and now it is possible to change the setting from the administration panel of ACP. Unfortunately the problem of images not showing in the second tab, when Ajax loading is selected, remains and I haven’t found a solution yet.

I have sent an email with updated information to your support team. Ajax is selected in this post only and images do not show in the Itinerary tab (2nd button).

All other posts use Page Reload and images show properly.



This problem comes from some animator plugin, which sets opacity:0 for all ajax loaded images. Please use this css code to fix the issue:

	.acp_wrapper .post img{ opacity:1; }

if it doesn't help use this:

	.acp_wrapper .post img{ opacity:1!important; }