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How to style User Custom Fields in Addon

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After purchasing the add-on "User Costum Fields" I'm currently trying to design our user profile according to our ideas. Unfortunately I have some problems with the layout:

There are fields that display an icon, although I cannot set one in the addon-field-settings and cannot change it accordingly.
The fields marked with the type “tinymce” also do what they want in the layout (icon, but also font size of the label, etc.). I don't know if I can simply replace these with my own fields, because the "tinymce" "about me" currently shows a full layout bar with the option for bullet points etc., but not the newly created text area fields. However, these functions are important to us für the "about me" field.
In the same way, I wanted to replace the signature with a different name, but retain the function that it is displayed in the forum under the user post. Here too, “tinymce” creates an icon that cannot be set and a different font size than in About Me. Now the addon also offers the Custom Fields on Posts option under Settings, which would then replace the signature function, right?

The result is a mix of different font sizes, false icons and very squat profile fields, it looks very confusing. I tried copying the subtitle “Social Networks” and inserting another subtitle. Here too, the copy looks different despite the same code. Spacers would also be valuable.

Are there any tricks or documentation here that will solve my problems?

User Costum Fields Look
User Costum Fields Settings


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Sorry for the late response.

You can go to the Dashboard > wpForo Member Fields > Tab manager admin page and build it using the HTML section. Please watch this small video instruction: 

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