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[Closed] Long loading of a long topic on the forum and other problems

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Hello, dear developers! I have four questions:

1. Tell me, please, how can I speed up the loading of long topics? For example, this topic:*x/847
There are more than 230 posts in it, the topic is divided into 3 pages, forum caching is enabled and still the page loads for about 18-20 seconds.
The site runs on 2 vps servers:
The site is located on the server: Xeon E5-2696v4 2.2-3.7, 16 cores, 8 GB RAM.

Server configuration for the database: Xeon E5-2696v4 2.2-3.7, 6 cores, 16 GB RAM.
SSD drives are everywhere.
It seems that there should be enough power


The LSCache caching plugin is installed on the site, the forum pages are added to the caching exception.
If you cache the forum with this plugin, then long topics start loading quickly, but after posting a post, due to LSCache caching, it is displayed on the forum with a long delay, approximately 10 minutes. Maybe there is some way to make friends with your Forum with the LSCache caching plugin?

2. Perhaps part of the problem of long loading of long topics could be solved if you split long topics into pages in the settings according to the total number of topics on the page. I have now set up the number of topics on the page to 25, but as I understand it, these are 25 topics of the first level, and if the forum has a tree structure with 2, 3, 4, 5 levels, then the page turns out to be long and heavy to load. The topics do not shrink nicely at the same time. Example:


3. In some topics, as in these:*x/847
- for unknown reasons, the sidebar is shifting down the page.

How can I fix it?


4. It would be very good in terms of seo optimization, when adding a new post on the forum, in the sitemap file, move the updated topics to the latest file and display the most recent topics at the top of the list, not at the bottom, as it is now. An example of our latest sitemap file
There are a lot of new posts on the forum in different topics, but in the sitemap the last link to the topic is old. How then do search engines find out about new posts on the forum?
Perhaps for this reason, topics with your forum are poorly indexed in search engines?
The "Rank math seo" plugin has a good sitemap logic, when updating articles and news on the site, they are moved to a new sitemap file and are at the top of the list.


Is it possible to convert a forum sitemap into a "Rank math seo" plugin?

The new version of WPForo 2.3.0 is installed

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In addition to point 3, the topic is small, but the sidebar also moved down the page for unknown reasons

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Hi @giportru,

I'm sorry but we don't support wpForo issues here. Please move this topic to wpForo Support forum:

This forum is only for the addons related issues.


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