Voter Visibility  


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25/05/2018 8:50 am  

Is there any way we could have an option to display who voted for what choice? Publicly on the polls? Like a button that expands and shows who voted for each choice?

We think that some of our customers are creating additional accounts just to vote for themselves and there's no way to know unless we know who votes. If we knew who voted for each choice, we could look up their accounts and cross-check their signup dates with their IP's and other factors to help us weed out fake accounts.

Or even being able to check in the admin back end would be okay. 

Public view would be easiest for us.

Any plans on maybe doing this? Please?


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26/05/2018 12:25 am  

Hi  tank,

I'm sorry, but it is not possible yet. We'll take this into consideration for sure.