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Stop forum results bars from changing color when navigating to different reply page

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Is it possible to have a set color pallet for the results bars in polls? 

Currently whenever you navigate between different pages of reply to a poll the bars change color, which is a little odd.

I'd prefer they remained the same color regardless of which page of replies folks are on.

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Hi @vanessa,

I'm sorry, but currently, colors are generated randomly each time the poll is opened.

I will add a new task to the to-do list to include an option for setting specific colors in the poll settings page. It would be challenging to add new options in the poll creation section, so the colors set in the poll settings page will apply to all polls. Unlike the current random generation, these colors will remain static.

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@tomson Perfect thx.

Having a single set of colors across all polls is fine.

One thing to consider is that it may actually be a little more user friendly to have one color for all results that aren't winning, and another for the result that is winning.

IMO that will look more polished, and make it easier for folks to see the winner of the poll.

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