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wpForo Advanced Attachments won't update

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I am unable to update the plugin. It says: wpForo Advanced AttachmentsYou have version 2.0.8 installed. Update to 2.1.0. View version 2.1.0 details.
Compatibility with WordPress 5.7.2: Unknown

When I try to do the update, it says:

Updating Plugin wpForo Advanced Attachments (1/1)


An error occurred while updating wpForo Advanced Attachments: Update package not available.

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Hi @karen-kreps,

Please make sure you've activated the addon with the last purchased license key. The old license key is expired, and you cannot update the addon. In the Forums > Settings admin page, you should see the activation form if the addon still uses the old key:

wpForo Addon License Key Activation

Also, make sure your website uses secure https protocol and the SSL certificate of your domain is not expired.

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i have a questions. if my 1 year over. still i am using the addon plugin.  why we need every year updates.

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Hi @rawat,

Addons work without any limitation for lifetime until they become incompatible with the new version of WordPress or the core wpForo plugin. So the only issue which will stop the addons working is becoming incompatible with the new version of parent plugin and WordPress. That's why you may need to renew it in the future. In other words, the license key and the activation of license key is only designed to download new versions and get premium support. Please read the license agreement here:

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