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[Solved] Change place badges  

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Good evening, I'm a programmer and I bought all the extensions of your plugin, I want to start by congratulating you for the great work.

I wanted to know how I can do to change the place badges on my site, and instead of appearing below the avatar, it should appear to the right side of the author's name.

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I can accomplish with css, but it does not look good, I wanted to know if I could change the emblem code of the functions.php in some way to put the badges there


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Hi @gaskt,

You should customize the class.WpdiscuzWalker.php file as described in this doc:


In overridden files, you should change the position of the wpdiscuz_after_label hook, replace it beside the comment author avatar. 

However, please note if you use the wpDiscuz Advanced Likers add-on please note this changes will replace the likers add-ons badges as well. 

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Thanks for responding so quickly.

I really had not thought of this possibility, I'll do it that way then.

I hope they continue the great work, soon I will be acquiring WpForo as well.

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