[Closed] wpDiscuz 4.0.7 is released!  


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24/04/2017 12:37 am  

We just released wpDiscuz 4.0.7

Main changes:

Added: Shortcode for Post Rating [wpdrating]

Shortcode Attributes:

  • metakey="all" 
  • show-lable  = true/false
  • show-count = true/false
  • show-average = true/false
  • itemprop = true/false


Full shortcode example:

[wpdrating metakey="all"  show-lable  = true  show-count = true show-average = true itemprop = true ]

Added: Option to display Post Rating on Top/Bottom and with Shortcode

Added: Advanced options to Comment Form Custom Fields to change custom field key

New Addon: wpDiscuz - Comment Author Info

wpDiscuz Comment Author header image bnr


Fixed Bug: Update post total rating when comment is deleted

Fixed Bug: Server Error 500 on new comment submit

Fixed Bug: jQuery.cookie.js/jQuery.cookie.min.js scripts fail to load

Fixed Bug: Custom Field displaying order

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26/04/2017 4:56 pm  

 Hi the Google Rich Snippets Test Tool show error "Review has no revised items specified." for AggregateRating item schema generate by Post Rating function.

Enjoying the contact, what the wpDiscuz main funcion for use on conditional "if function_exists(" ?

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28/04/2017 11:36 am  

Thank you Moises,

We're already aware about this and are working to fix it in upcoming versions.

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03/08/2017 7:12 pm  

No version i 4.0.9 and [wpdrating] still does not work. Nothing shows up. I thought it had been integrated with comments. I think the complex rich snippet review module would be great.

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04/08/2017 1:46 pm  

Please open a new topic, this post is not related to the topic and it'll be removed soon.

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12/08/2017 6:59 pm  

При оставлении комментария, после обновления плагина, теперь фото комментатора на ВСЮ страницу. Оно закрывает собой статью и вообще всю страницу. пришлось удалить ВСЕ комментарии, иначе все статьи на сайте были закрыты огромными фотографиями комментаторов. После удаления комментов все нормально и никаких больших фотографий на всю страницу нет. Но вот теперь думаю, может и сам плагин надо удалять? А какую альтернативу посоветуете? Или эту проблему можно исправить?


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12/08/2017 9:49 pm  

Please deactivate, delete wpDiscuz, then search and install it again. Then delete all caches/CDN then do Ctrl+F5 on front-end.

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