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[Solved] Global Wordpress Search

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wpForo is one of the (if not the) best forum plugins for Wordpress but I can't commit since no search plugin offers the ability to ALSO search wpForo.  In reality when you go to a website you click on search when you are looking for something and you type your keywords in.  You do not go to the website search and try and then go to the forum of the same website and try..  no one does that.

PLEASE PLEASE work with someone like Ivory Search or anyone to include the ability to search wpForo with the rest of the wordpress plugins.  I desperatly would LOVE to have wpForo as part of my forum solution but this search thing is killing me.  Do you know if its even in the playbook in the future to allow this to happen?

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We currently offer paid plugin customization and PRO support services through the gVectors Team. If you're not familiar with coding, you can contact them for assistance:

Additionally, please note all questions related to the free wpForo plugin should be asked in the forum. Here we only support issues related to paid addons. 

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