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Calls to from WP Plugins page causing 502 errors  


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22/03/2018 2:33 am  

 I've been having trouble loading my WordPress plugins page to manage plugins in my website. I've been chatting off and on with my host, WP Engine, who just sent me some information saying that there are a LOT of calls being made to when loading the plugins page, and those calls are taking a long time to complete. This often results in a 502 error for me, which, as you can imagine, is severely affecting my ability to manage the plugins on my website.

Here is what the WP Engine support person sent to me:

It does appear that the plugins page is taking an inordinate amount of time to load. Although I'm not getting a 502 error, it is taking upwards of 40 seconds. If that request had increased to 60 seconds it easily could have resulted in a 502.
After looking at the breakdown of the plugin page's load time, we're seeing that there are two domains that external requests are being made to that are causing the hold up. One is to and the other to
Transactions   rpls   New Relic 2018 03 21 16 09 29
On average, 51 calls are being made to the two domains each time the plugins page is loaded, taking 48 seconds.
Transactions   rpls   New Relic 2018 03 21 16 35 45
After looking through your file system, there are several plugins that call to these urls.
The following 'wpforo' suite of plugins are all making active calls to because they look to be using their API.
And these plugins are making active calls to
Your best next step would be to reach out to the support teams for the wpforo and wpadverts plugins to see why their plugins are taking such a long time to hear back when requesting data from them. If there are any changes we can make to the environment to help these plugins perform better we'll be happy to try to accommodate.