Can we restrict the messages to be sent only between the users and admins?  


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27/02/2017 7:31 pm  

Hey guys,

I'm sorry if this is a feature already built in the add-on. I was just curious if this can be possible in the current version, as we plan to have a special section for private questions / answers about our lessons with our most valuable members (kind of a 1-to-1 support section). They would be able to message us directly keeping messages private (visible only to admins and the users who submitted them).

Keep up the good work!

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28/02/2017 4:27 pm  

Hi Cesar,

Are you talking about wpForo Private Messages addon? If so private messages are private. Only sender and receiver can see that messages.

wpForo Private Messages Conversation 2

Also you can use Private Topics. wpForo 1.1.2 comes with Private Topic feature. If a customer set a new topic private it'll only be available for Admins and for the topic creator.

wpForo Private Topic moderation button public

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