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YouTube embed not correct in proportions

Happy Snappers
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Joined: 4 years ago

I have the same issue a few people have had with the Embed plugin, that embedded video's from YouTube do not present correctly at all by just applying the link.

They appear full width on the forum, but only maybe 150 pixels high!

As a workaround I have the settings to 600 px high & width to 0, but that breaks on a mobile phone & will not work for every-bodies different sizes of browsers on their screens.

If I make the setting 100% high, it does not work, it appears maybe 150 px high.

Any help?

is the video.

Before you tell me to disable the YouTube plugin like you have everyone else, I don't have one! 🙂  

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Joined: 4 years ago

this has also been a problem of mine since i purchased the addon more than a year ago.

facebook and dailymotion videos embed properly, responsively while they can't seem to make the same for youtube - which just happens to be the primary source of videos for most of us.

here's hoping that they fix the issue asap, once and for all.





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