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I Purchased 3 addons yesterday. ( NEED HELP! )  

Fronnie Mcclendon
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Joined: 11 months ago

Hello, I purchased 3 addons yesterday and can't seem to find them. There is no way for me to add them on my site. My addons aren't in my dashboard nor is it in my installed plugins. Can some one please help.

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Support Team
Joined: 3 years ago

Hi @fronnie-mcclendon,

Please read the instruction below about the addon installation:

  • This addon installs like any other plugin for WordPress.
    Access to wpDiscuz Online Users is provided immediately after you’ve paid for your order. Upon completing registration/checkout, you may log in at We will also send you an email after registration/checkout, with a link to the login page. Then download the installation package.
  • Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins > Add new and upload addon ZIP file, then activate it.
  • Once the plugin is active, go to WordPress Dashboard > Comments > Settings > Addons > Online Users tab o begin configuration.
  • It’ll ask you to activate with license key you got via email or in your account page, just insert the key and activate it.

If for some reason you cannot install this plugin using WordPress plugin upload system please do that with this alternative way. Unzip, and then upload the /wpdiscuz-online-users/ folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory using an FTP application like FileZilla; or any other FTP program is fine also. Make sure you have not double /wpdiscuz-online-users/wpdiscuz-online-users/ directories nested inside each other, please correct this before you continue. Then in WordPress, go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins, and then activate the wpDiscuz Online Users addon.

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