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Problem with registration  


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01/02/2020 1:17 pm  

Hi !

I have a problem when an user want to register to my forum.

He can't choose a password when he registered.

How change this ? 
I have User Custom Fields, and password must be done.

But, nothing. When I go to tools, privacy and rules, I don't have anything about it. The same form dashbord forum... 


It's a big problem !

If a new member register it, he reciew a mail with no link to create a password. He has his name, and a message to create a password, but no link...


PS : how can I have this template ? it's a futur update ?

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01/02/2020 1:49 pm  


Please follow the support topic below:

Also please don't duplicate questions and topics in both forums. Here we only support the wpForo Paid Addons.