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[Solved] Anonymous topic  


Anja Baer
Member Customer
Joined: 2 months ago
Posts: 2
26/03/2020 10:26 pm  

How can it be, that a topic was created by Anonymous and appears as an entry: 50 years ago. The forum was installed last year and is only for registered users. I also cannot open the topic and therefore cannot delete it. I hope I'm in the right topic here. Many thanks. Anja

50 Years
3 days

nks for your help!

Support Team Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 4129
27/03/2020 1:59 pm  

Hi @anja-baer,

There is no way to post as Anonymous. When post author is removed by antispam plugins or manually wpForo shows the post author "Anonymous", it doesn't mean post has been made as "Anonymous" it means the author of this post is removed.

Also if wpForo can't show users data and dates then you have a problem with database data. Your database is crashed or you've made some incorrect manipulation with users' data. This needs to be investigating in the database. 

I'd also suggest you navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Debug > [Tables] admin page and click on the [Solve Database Problems] button if you see some issues.

Anja Baer
Member Customer
Joined: 2 months ago
Posts: 2
27/03/2020 4:05 pm  


Many thanks, there were errors in the table and I hope that was the reason. thank you and good health