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Diffrence on Discus and forum  

New Member

Hi, can someone tell me what the difference is on the WpDiscuz and the WPForo addons?

I've installed the forum and want the other options. I don't know the difference in the two and if they will work .. Sorry if it's a dumb question

Posted : 14/04/2020 6:58 pm
Noble Member Moderator

Hi @gaz2536,

gVectors Team has few plugins, like wpDiscuz and wpForo.

wpDiscuz is a commenting plugin. AJAX realtime comment system with custom comment form and fields. Designed to supercharge WordPress native comments. Super fast and responsive with dozens of features.
wpDiscuz has a 16 add-on, that designed especially for the wpDiscuz and makes the commenting more interactive.

Another plugin called wpForo. It's a forum plugin. wpForo is the best WordPress forum plugin. Full-fledged yet easy and light forum solution for your WordPress website. It comes with modern and responsive forum layouts and styles. This WordPress forum plugin brings everything you need to run an efficient and professional community. Powerful and beautiful forum with unique features.
wpForo has a 9 add-on, that works only for the wpForo.

Here you can test all gVectors Team products.

wpDiscuz Demo:

wpDiscuz Addons:

Support Forum and Demo:

wpForo Addons:

Posted : 14/04/2020 7:33 pm
New Member

@elvina ahh thanks so, for now its forum addons I want. Are these not sold in bundles just individual?

Posted : 14/04/2020 9:37 pm
Support Team Admin


We're sorry but there is no wpForo addons bundle. We'll offer a bundle for wpForo addons, once the number of add-ons become more than ten. The total of addons price should be some X value to let us offer a bundle license with 90% discount. Currently, we can't offer it.

gVectors team has Sale packs. You can see examples (on wpDiscuz, but it's for all addons) here:

Posted : 14/04/2020 10:23 pm
Gaz2536 liked
Member Customer

I hope you add one more addon as soon as possible because I'm still waiting for a wpForo addons bundle to change all my forum websites to wpForo. Although you give discount it is too expensive for me buying single addons licenses.

wpDiscuz bundle was the main reason why I've changed all comment systems on my wordpress websites to wpDiscuz Wink  

Posted : 13/10/2020 10:34 am
Active Member


Well said Elvina and very informative. Thank you Cool   Don't forget you can get the discount for multiple buys on the addon packs. I am getting three of them today for our site. Shut Mouth  

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Posted : 15/10/2020 11:05 pm
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