Advice on multi-level comments  


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20/07/2018 6:50 pm  

The plugin for this comment is really great, here are some suggestions, but I think most people should need it.
The comment plugin only supports level 2 replies on the mobile side, so I only set up a nested 2 layer replies. Therefore, it is recommended to add some judgments. When a user responds to the second set of comments, although the third level cannot be added, in the comment content, the @xx user is added by default at the beginning. In this way, the user can clearly know who is responding to the target in the level 2 reply.

This only appears when you cannot add the next level.

I hope the administrator can consider adding this feature.

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21/07/2018 3:55 pm  

Dear gexin920,

Thank you for this suggestion, we'll take this into consideration for future releases.