Can't upload bad words list or add values  



Hi guys,

See my video of the issue here:

.txt file will not upload nor can I add individual words.  It doesn't even let me click into the replace field.

Is there a permissions issues somewhere you think?


Hi Joel,

could you please send or attach the file you're uploading on video?


Sure... it's just a regular file.  I also tested just making my own and also remember I can't even add one manually as you see in the video so it's for sure not the file.  I am running Wordfence security.  Are there any known issues?

Your message board won't let me attach a .txt file but I got it from here.

Thanks so much guys 🙂


Hi Joel,

We have imported in our end and everything was fine, after testing.

Also, could you please send us your admin access for deeper support? We need to check.


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