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Cross blog posted topic is crashing my site  

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Hi, I am lost here. For some reason, atleast on of the cross blog posted articles on my forum, is crashing my site. 

You can see the front end post fine, but if you tried to comment on that post or see it in the forum, it will crash the ste and send lots of resources to my server. 

I pressed "turn off Cross blog posting" but the thread remained on the forum. 

Every time i try to go onto the thread, the site crashes

If i try to delete it in the admin section, the site crashes

I try to delete posts n the thread, and even the thread as a whole, and kind of interaction with this link, breaks my site..... I have no idea whats going on, any ideas?

I would leave a link.... but it will crash my site when you press it 

but the forum is

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Hi @percysgrowroom,

Please install and activate the Duplicator — WordPress Migration Plugin, backup your WordPress site and send it to info[at] email address. It's too hard to check the issue on your live website. 

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