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[Request] More Shortcodes to the E-Mail Notification?

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Is it possible to add some additional Shortcodes to the E-Mail Notification of the Mentioning Plugin? Is it maybe possible to use the same Shortcodes as in the other E-Mail Notifications of the wpDiscuz Plugin? (e.g. COMMENT_CONTENT or POST_URL)

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Hi @spontis,

You can add the shortcodes in the plugin settings and replace them using the hooks of the wp_mail functions.

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Couldn't get you, sorry.

Maybe i did not express myself clearly enough. I would like to formulate my question differently: In the other plugin I can use many more shortcodes than in this plugin. For example, I would find it useful to include the content of the comment by mentioning the user. This is possible with wpDiscuz via the "COMMENT_CONTENT" function. Likewise I would like to include the link of the article, at the moment I can only insert the title of the Post.

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