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[Closed] How to award course-specific badge with Learndash Add-on?  

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Hi, I'm using the Learndash/wpDiscuz add-on, and I'm able to award a badge for completing a course, but I want each of my courses to have its own unique badge.  

For example, when User Bob has completed 2 courses (say, "Dog Training" and "Cat Training"), User Bob should be awarded 2 different badges (one with a dog on it and another with a cat on it, for instance).

As it is, myCred can only award User Bob the same badge every time he completes a different course.

Many people have asked for this functionality on the myCred forums.  

MyCred, will you please, please, please implement this? 

Thank you!

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Hi @windwave,

This question should be asked in myCred Plugin Support forum.

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Sorry, Astghik.  i thought that's where I was.