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29/11/2018 9:52 am  

My private forum is not private at all. I restricted all the forum functions (viewing, posting, etc.) to certain logged in members only. However, my site's topics are now pulled up by Google which shows previews of every single topic in the results. My forum attachments are also showing in the search results.

How do I get rid of this? Maintaining forum privacy is critical.

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29/11/2018 4:31 pm  

Hi CCForumManagement,

Have the forums been public before? It seems it was crawled by Google before you'd set it as private. Also please check it (as guest). Call the Sitemap URL and check is the URL included in stiemap.xml or not? 

The red marked /community/ is the base path of your forum, you may have changed to something else.


Please provide as screenshots. I've already set the topic private, so the information can be left without any worries.