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Posts and topics being unapproved even though moderation is turned off  


Chuck Nguyen
Member Customer
Joined: 12 months ago
Posts: 28
06/11/2019 9:39 pm  

I'm having this problem where new topics/posts are being unapproved automatically. I've already turned moderation off and manually checked all these topics and they seem perfectly fine to me. No swear words, no links, no one-word replies, etc. 

An example reply that was unapproved:

Thank you for showing some 3 great insights they all 100% EXACTLY WORKING you earn my likeness to that answer awesome work,,if people share their tips regular basis then we can get more success as an  Laugh  MOS team.. and ultimately more optiins and sales that impact 1000s worldwide.

Also one more as we talking about headlines and ad copies always double-check your grammar and spelling use tools like Grammarly and it's free there many but Grammarly is the best... i actually i do lots of grammar and spell mistakes so that something we all have to keep in mind.

and another one:

Great advice, that's really helpful!

A few things I am wondering, if you please wouldn't mind answering?  Smile

What is a reverse squeeze page and how does it work?  Do you mean a video of ourselves introducing leads to our brand and/or MOS?

Do you know how you can get social proof on funnels?


Member Customer
Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 93
06/11/2019 10:37 pm  

Are the posts from guests?

Chuck Nguyen
Member Customer
Joined: 12 months ago
Posts: 28
07/11/2019 5:54 am  

No, they're all from logged in users. Could it be something to do with my access level settings?

Support Team Admin
Joined: 3 years ago
Posts: 4382
07/11/2019 12:03 pm  


Please read this article. It should help you better understand about the wpForo Topics and Posts Moderation feature:

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