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[Solved] Error 502

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Hi there, every time I click on the link I get in the notification email for new post, or I click on submit or I click on the thread link in the widget, i get this
If I browse in incognito mode, it doesn't happen.
If I clear cookie and cache it works for a couple of clicks and then again error 502.
Wordpress works fine.
Can you help? Thanks

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Hi @barbarabax,

Thank you for using wpForo and for contacting us. 

If you're not using the latest wpForo version, please update it to the latest one (v. 1.6.1).

This is just a cookie conflict. You should either reduce the cookie memory size or disciple the cookie from Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Privacy & Rules admin page.

Forum Cookies

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Hi, I don't know how to disable cookie memory size so I disabled cookies as you suggested and seems to work. Thanks!

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