[Solved] users most registered and logged in to comment doesn't work in wpdiscuz  


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29/03/2017 8:50 am  


first of all your plugin is awsome, i like it so much, thanks for that ^_^

everything is working well except when i check "users most registered and logged in to comment" option on wppanel > settings > discussion it doesn't work with your plugin (not logged in users still can leave comment while "users most registered and logged in to comment" option is checked ).

i tried to find some options that force users to registered and logged in for leaving comments in wpdiscuz settings but i couldn't find anything related except "hide reply button for guests".

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29/03/2017 6:25 pm  

wpDiscuz comes with custom comment forms, each form has it's own option for this. Navigate to  Comments > Forms admin page, edit the Default Form and manage options.

wpDiscuz Documentation

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