Formatting of Online and Offline status for Online Users  


Daisy Peel
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23/02/2018 8:33 pm  

Hi there, functionality of the users online add on is great. It's a great addon that incentivizes users to hang out for a while and comment more, thanks!

For everybody but me, the online/offline status is displayed to the right of their username. But, for me, for some reason, it's displayed a line below, which messes up the look slightly. This is the view for me when I'm logged in, and it's also the view of my username for others when they're logged in too. Again, my username is the only one this is done for, maybe because it's an admin account? Not sure. It's not a huge issue, just thought I'd report it.

Screen Shot 2018 02 23 at 8.30.27 AM
Screen Shot 2018 02 23 at 8.30.21 AM


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23/02/2018 9:00 pm  

Hi  Daisy Peel,

There is a small conflict with your theme CSS.  Could you please leave the URL to allow us inspect CSS conflicts?