Why is this user still needing all posts moderated?  


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07/10/2017 2:26 pm  

Hello Everyone

Current Forum Settings:

Enable wpForo Spam Control: No

Ban user when spam is suspicted: No

Spam Suspicion Level for Topics: 20

Spam Suspicion Level for Posts: 20

User is New (under hard spam control) during first 1 posts

Min number of posts to be able attach files 0

Min number of posts to be able post links 0

Current User Stats:

11 forum posts

5 topics

1 questions

2 answers

1 question comments

4 liked

1 received likes

1/10 rating



Based on all this data, and currently this is my most engaged user, I have to approve his posts every time he adds one. I don't feel like the settings are set in such a way that this should be necessary. This user should be able to post without having to get posts approved. What could be the problem?


Any idea, suggestions would be appreciated ,



I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

References: https://wpforo.com/community/how-to-and-troubleshooting-2/why-is-this-user-still-needing-all-posts-moderated/


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07/10/2017 11:08 pm  

Please edit the Registered (I hope the user usergroup is Registered) in Dashboard > Forums > Usergroups admin page, and make sure the "Can pass moderation" option is Enabled (checked). then navigate to Dashboard > Forum > Dashboard and delete all and user caches. Also make sure this user doesn't have unapproved posts.

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