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SEO index issues: Google and SE's not indexing any forum page links  


Member Customer
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23/02/2018 10:48 pm  


I use Yoast SEO, connected site to my webmasters accounts, submitted sitemaps even you say is not at all needed to do. 
I triple checked my sitemaps are OK, no crawl errors no issues and fetched as Google etc etc etc etc.

However, apart from /forum/ (/community) page nothing at all gets indexed unless it is in Yoast sitemap and your inner forum topics, answers etc links are nowhere.

Now, after manually requesting google to fetch from the /forum/ deeper links 4 topics links were finally indexed, but I cannot site and do this every day and every hour!

This is TERRIBLE SEO issue. 

A simplest WP site and free blogs get indexed INSTANTLY or within a few hours and we see our posts in page 2 or even 1 within hours or a day.

With the wpForo pages not even for a super longtail KW where only 2 results exists to match it do we appear. NOWHERE.

Do I need to make a wp post deep linking to all forums just so Google and other SE's find these forum topics and pages?!


Highly disappointing and aggravating, when I see competitor phpBB [2y old or new sites] and wp BBpress site ranking instantly every time a silly 2-word comment gets added to a topic hardly anyone visits but which ranks page 1 or 2 for the KWs we need - and pushes us out of page 1 for our KWs and our wpForo is not getting indexed at all anywhere, even we optimize like crazy, have natural looking topics and answers, use manual posting and our custom sophisticated zenno bot to post with annonimity and best practices to immitate real front end users, have super fast caching and page load speed, SSL entire site, mobile friendly etc. 

If i make a crap seo wp site i get ranked at once. but not with wpForo.

Why. How to get it to rank without extra endless work making posts to link and requesting Google to recrawl that forum page????


Support Team Admin
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24/02/2018 3:36 pm  

I think wpForo SEO is crashed on your website. Please leave you forum URL. wpForo is well SEO friendly. You can check it for forum, all new topics and posts are indexed and displayed in Google result in a few hours. Your problem is a website specific problem.

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07/06/2018 12:23 pm  

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Rachel stinson
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30/04/2019 8:41 am  

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