wpDiscuz Media UploaderwpDiscuz Media Uploader

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wpDiscuz Media Uploader

media-uploader-128Allows to upload photos, videos, audio and other type of files with comments. This addon brings the best comment file attachment experience ever. Separate buttons for all types of media and files. It works with Single and Multiple file uploading modes. Each part of user interface and user experience is fully configurable. Attached media files will be displayed with image lightbox, HTML5 video and audio players. Also this addon converts Youtube, Vimeo and other embed-able links to according players and widgets.

Official wpDiscuz Addon

Please note: this is an add-on for wpDiscuz plugin. This addon requires at list wpDiscuz 3.2.6 version. Please do not install this addon on lower wpDiscuz versions. wpDiscuz is a free, AJAX controlled, real time, flexible and responsive commenting plugin. It's available for free download on WordPress.org Extensions directory. The official wpDiscuz addons are only available here at gVectors.com Premium plugins store.

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1 year basic support
1 month premium support
1 year basic support
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1 year basic support
6 months premium support

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Products subject to yearly license for future updates.
License Agreement | Support Policy
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gVectors Store Discounts and Sale Packs

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Product Description

wpDiscuz Media Uploader Features

  • Extended comment file attachment system
  • Allows to upload photos, videos, audio and other file types
  • individual user experience for different media types.
  • Single and Multiple file uploading modes
  • AJAX uploading and validation system
  • File count, size and type control system
  • Visual attachment effects, allows to preview attached images and set orders
  • Ability to delete comment attachment if editing time limit is not expired.
  • Smart display attachment functions on submitted comment
  • Different sizes for single and multi photo attachment
  • Image lightbox, video and audio HTML5 player
  • Embed-able links conversion to according video player and widgets
  • Automatic Youtube, Vimeo and other media hoster embedding
  • Lots of displaying options to customize all kind of media components (images, thumbnails, players…)
  • Separate option to enable/disable media uploading buttons
  • Comment attachment can be enabled for certain user roles and guests individually
  • All front-end phrases are available in setting page for quick translation to any language
  • Super responsive user interface, looks nice on all devices and screen dimensions
  • RTL ready


Installation and Configuration

  • This addon installs like any other plugin for WordPress.
    Access to wpDiscuz Media Uploader is provided immediately after you’ve paid for your order. Upon completing registration/checkout, you may log in at gVectors.com. We will also send you an email after registration/checkout, with a link to the login page. Then download the installation package.
  • Unzip, and then upload the /wpdiscuz-media-uploader/ folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory using an FTP application like FileZilla; or any other FTP program is fine also. Make sure you have not double /wpdiscuz-media-uploader/wpdiscuz-media-uploader/ directories nested inside each other, please correct this before you continue.
  • In WordPress, go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins, and then activate the wpDiscuz Media Uploader addon.
    Once the plugin is active, go to WordPress Dashboard > Comments > wpDiscuz Settings > Addons Tab > Media Uploader subTab to begin configuration.
  • It’ll ask you to activate with license key you got via email or in your account page, just insert the key and activate it.


That’s it. Just enjoy comments with more colors, actions and voices.

Front-end – File uploader on comment form

wpDiscuz Media Uploader single file buttons on user formwpDiscuz-Media-Uploader multiple image attachment wpDiscuz-Media-Uploader multiple image attachmentwpDiscuz-Media-Uploader- multiple video/audio attachmentwpDiscuz-Media-Uploader multiple file attachment

Front-end – Comments with attachments

wpDiscuz-Media-Uploader-delete-attachment-button wpDiscuz-Media-Uploader-multi-file-on-comment-images-audio-and-video-html5-player-attached-documentswpDiscuz-Media-Uploader-file-attachment-documentswpDiscuz-Media-Uploader-single-audio-attachment-html5-playerwpDiscuz-Media-Uploader-single-image-attachmentwpDiscuz-Media-Uploader-single-video-attachmentwpDiscuz-Media-Uploader-single-youtube-embedwpDiscuz-Media-Uploader-multi-file-on-mobile-comment-images-audio-and-video-html5-player-attached-documents

Dashboard – Media Uploader Settings



  1. Fixed bug: post types not checked on update


  1. Added option : enable / disable uploading feature for post types
  2. Fixed bug: get screen issue


  1. Changed plugin update API


  1. Fixed bug : single and multiple image sizes
  2. Fixed bug : lightbox not showing after load more or after sorting comments


  1. Fixed Bug: Function not exists.


  1. Added new functionality : remove all linked attachments on comment deleting (DB and REAL files)
  2. Added new functionality : remove all comment meta on attachment deleting (DB and REAL files)


  1. Fixed Bug: case sensitive problem with uploaded file extensions
  2. Fixed Bug: extension problem after removing file preview


  1. Fixed Bug: Case sensitive problem with uploaded file extensions


  1. Fixed Bug: 500 internal server error


  1. Fixed Bug: action duplication on comment forms when using upload buttons
  2. Changed: Deprecated function get_currentuserinfo() to wp_get_current_user()


  1. Added : Addon options reset button
  2. Fixed bug : Issue with links target blank attribute
  3. Fixed bug : Withe space on top and bottom of lightbox



Added: Better control for embeddable URLs. New option to enable/disable non-supported website embed in comments. This option only enables predefined embeddable services and avoids other website URL auto-embedding.


Fixed Bug: Browser specific issues with mimi type detection


Fixed Bug: Problem with mimi type detection. Not allowed file types.


Added: More secure checking of file mime types before upload.
Fixed bug: Login issues
Fixed bug: Front-end JS Conflicts
Fixed bug : Small CSS Issues


Initial version


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Pre Sale Support

6 days 44 minutes ago

Hello I would like to allow user to upload one image to allow this image to be their gravatar, is this plugin do the trick ? If not can you make this function for later version ? Thanks you

5 days 10 hours ago

Hi Colapsnux,
I’m sorry but this plugin doesn’t do such trick. There is no way to replace author avatar using this addon.

12 days 5 hours ago

Does this retroactively apply to already posted links in comments? So if someone posted a youtube link in a comment years ago, will that link turn into a YouTube player once this plugin is activated?

9 days 21 hours ago

Sure, all Youtube and other content providers link will be replaced to according players and widgets.

2 months 26 days ago

Which type of files will convert to an audio player? Only .mp3 or also .wave?

2 months 25 days ago

MP3 – audio/mpeg
Ogg – audio/ogg
Wav – audio/wav

Sujoy Paul
6 months 15 days ago

1st of all thanks for a great comment plugin. I think its the best discus replacement plugin.
I am using the free version of this. But I am very interested to extend the functionality with this “Media Uploader” addon.
My Question is “Is there any option to showcase the uploaded file i.e. Images, video etc. for a single post in a custom place within the single post. I mean Is it possible to showcase the customer uploaded file in a single place ( within the post ) except he comment area”.
Thanks in advance.

6 months 15 days ago

Hi Sujoy,
thank you for your interest in wpDiscuz and addons. I’m sorry but there is no way at the moment. This is a good idea and we’re going to add it in our to-do list. We’ll make it available in future releases. Probably at the beginning of next month.

Emmett Moore
1 year 11 days ago

I am curious how light weight this add on is? I used the de:comments addon and it was so slow to load the images that it crashed my site. Nobody liked it and so i had to pull it down. Also, Internet Explorer required users to make changes to browser in order to use it. Does this thing work well? If its going to crash my site, or bogs it down, can I get a refund?

1 year 11 days ago

Hi Emmett,
Thank you for your interest in wpDiscuz addons. First you should install free wpDiscuz comment plugin and make sure it’s good for you. You can download wpDiscuz here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpdiscuz/

wpDiscuz Media Uploader is just an extension for wpDiscuz Free plugin. You can test wpDiscuz Media Uploader addon here:

Here is our refund police: http://gvectors.com/terms-and-conditions/
Your case is not refund-able, the speed of any plugin depends on dozens of factors, 90% of those comes from your site specific configuration, so we don’t know your site condition and are not provide addon refund for such cases.

Please test both before purchasing.

1 year 19 days ago

Is this wpDiscuz Media Uploader Addon open sourced ?
Is it like other wordpress plugins that are licensed under GPL ?
Is there a process where I can make changes to it and contribute back ?

1 year 19 days ago

Hi Jane,
all products in gVectors.com Store are not open sourced. We’re open for any suggestion, even with scripts. We’ll add those ourselves as much and as soon as possible. We’re actively improving all addons and updating with new features.

1 year 1 month ago

Hi guys, where does this plugin upload the files to? Do they go in to the central Media Library?

1 year 1 month ago

Hi Tim,
Yes, wpDiscuz Media Uploader is 100% integrated with WordPress Media Uploader. All files are manageable through Dashboard > Media Library.

9 months 6 days ago

I do not want photos and videos upload from my wp media library, Can I set the plugin only to upload by URL, the users must host videos in youtube, Vimeo, etc, or photos at MediaFire, Imageshack etc. so, embeds and link to display media, can we do that?

9 months 2 days ago

Hi totaldron,
you can disable Video uploader button. wpDiscuz Media Uploader can do auto-embed for all known video services. Commenter should only put Youtube video, and it’ll embedded automatically. As for images, they can put image URL, and that will be automatically converted to image as well.

1 year 1 month ago

Hi Guys,
I would like to know how this add-on works if I am using a smartphone? Can I upload images and videos from my mobile?

1 year 1 month ago

Hi Vinicius,
We’ve tested on all iPhones, about 5 models of Samsung, and some other phones. It works fine, you can make a photo and upload it, also you can choose photo / video / files from phone media library.

1 year 2 months ago

Dear gVectors,

For the Other File Type, is it possible to allow only some extensions?
For example, I want to allow one these types: txt doc xls pdf ppt pps odt ods odp zip to be uploaded.

1 year 2 months ago

Hi Komsit,
Media Uploader plugin use WordPress default list of Mime types, all WordPress allowed types which are not image, video an audio could be uploaded with “Other File Types” button.
There are lots of plugins and simple codes which allow to manage the list of WordPress Mimi types. For example you can use one of these plugins to manage all types:

1 year 2 months ago

Dear buyers,
this is the right place where you can ask all per-sale questions you have, before purchasing this plugin. We’ll be in touch and reply within 1-2 hours for GMT +1 to +12 and within 4-6 hours for GMT -1 to -12. Our customer support representatives are available 7 days a week from 6am to 10pm (GMT 0:00, London) ; excluding all major holidays.

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